Screens for Pacific Seacraft and Westsail Portlights
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Installation Instructions

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Fit the screen loosely but evenly in the portlight opening with the frame and screen out.
 Press the copper frame lightly at the four, “corners” so that the screen is snug against the portlight sides.
Then using a piece of wood and a small hammer with care, lightly tap the frame, working in the following order:
 Left  –  right – top  –  bottom  –  then each corner.  
Make sure that the frame is seated evenly from the portlight glass and seal. The screen may bulge a bit as you squeeze it into the sides. Some bulging can’t be helped and will indicate that the frame is pushing tightly against the sides. Try to minimize excessive bulging. Find a happy medium.  
If you screw it up, go below and tap it out from inside and start over again.
 The frames are easily bent but can be straightened by laying on a flat surface and tapping out warps using a hammer.


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