Screens for Rectangular Pacific Seacraft Portlights
Tie in instructions.
Start with a 3 inch stainless steel or copper wire.
Thread it through the tab’s hole on both ends of the screen so that it lays against the portlight's side.
Insert the screen in the normal way but so that the wire is outside the screen’s rim.
Then go topsides and take the outside end of the wire and thread it through the screen mesh as close to the gasket rim as possible.
Do the same to the screens other end and then, back inside the boat, pull both ends of the wires through the screen until it is tight against the outside of the tab. Then, simply twist the wire a few turns, cut off the excess and bend the twisted pair down against the gasket.
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Pacific SeacraftCopper & Bronze ScreensBuilt to fit the two portlight sizes.
Small size = 4x10 inches     Large size = 5.5x14 inches
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