Screens for Rectangular Pacific Seacraft Portlights
Instructions for installation


Make sure you remove the screws from the portlight tabs.
Start with the white mark on the top left inside.
Insert the screens evenly against the tabs.
While holding them it in place, push firmly on each corner till they set in. The corners will bend in a bit.
That should be enough to hold it in. If you want to attach them more securely, I have included instructions to tie them in with wire.

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Tie it in with wire
Pacific Seacraft Rectangular
The gasket is removable and can be repositioned on the screen if you jam it up. The screen itself can be easily bent back to shape by laying it flat and tapping it gently with a hammer or block of wood. Black screens can be touched up with a marking pen or metal paint if you scratch them.


Copper & Bronze Screens

Built to fit the two portlight sizes.
Small size = 4x10 inches   Large size = 5.5x14 inches

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