West Sail Round Screens

Copper, bronze and EDPM flap gasket

6 inch diameter and 8 inch diameter

DSC04995 DSC03834 DSC03831

Flexible EDPM gasket for a tight fit

Both screens may fit other boat’s bronze ports with 6 inch and 8 inch diameter ports.

$30.00 & $38.00 ea.

Copper and bronze screens for early Westsail designs.
These screens can be pressed-in from the in or outside using your hands or a small block of wood and a hammer for a tight fit.They replace the UV challenged plastic screens and can remain in place while underway.
These round screens include a black EDPM rubber gasket that serves to hold in the frame and fills most of the uneven surfaces of the ports. EDPM rubber is UV and weather proof.
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Shipped usually the same day payment is received unless I am out sailing.
Installation Instructions
Small size fits - 6 inch diameter ports - $30.00 ea.

Large size fits - 8 inch diameter ports - $38.00 ea.

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