Screens for Round Westsail Portlights
Instructions for installation

Needs: Liquid Soap - Small block of wood - Hammer

Working from the outside.

A little liquid soap on your finger rubbed along the port light’s sides or on the screen gasket will help the gasket slide in more easily. If the port light sides are gritty or dirty, wipe them down with a wet cloth before you begin.

The gasket may come off but is easy to reinstall using a bit of water for a lubricant.

Face the blue dot on the gasket at the top and toward the inside.

Fit the top half of the screen in the port frame with the blue dot at the top inside about half way to the glass.

Working down from the top, gently work with your fingers the screen frame in, pushing only on the frame, (Never on the screen material!).

Push evenly on both sides of the frame. If you need to, use the block of wood and hammer to GENTLY tap the frame in. Most WestSail ports have grooves in the frame. If you could work the screen frames so that it fits evenly into that, great. If you don’t have grooves, just seat the screen so that it fits evenly in the port.

You can also install them from inside if you want but I prefer the look of the gasket on the outside.

Let me know if you have any problems.
Sail on…….John

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